What to invest in in times of pandemic?

The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world, especially in the Americas, where the current focus of COVID-19 is located. In this not very encouraging scenario, we ask ourselves in today’s reflection: What to invest in?

There is no longer any doubt that the year 2020 will be remembered as „black“ in the history books, since the ravages of the Coronavirus are not only on health with the more than 540,000 lives it has claimed so far, but also the economic disaster it is causing.

Governments seem to have no choice but to inject money and hope that a vaccine will „save“ us from this disaster. Meanwhile the economy is collapsing and every day that passes is a challenge for governments and investors around the world.

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What to invest in?
Before I tell you in detail about the investments that I believe have the most future, it is important to understand that the world of investments has changed, and perhaps forever.

Today, Amazon shares reached an all-time high of over US$3,000. This is not due to speculation, but rather because the retail giant has been selling on the Internet for years and years, the only sector that has grown in this time of pandemic.

The important thing right now is to identify where „the money“ will go in the coming months and to bet on that sector. Simple, isn’t it?

Another example, perhaps the most graphic since the pandemic broke out is Zoom, an application that has been a rage for online communication since March.

If we take into account that from the end of January to date its value has increased 4 times, up to US$ 261 at the end of today, do you think Zoom would have had that growth if it weren’t for the pandemic?

The goal of this post is to show that money continues to flow into investments, but clearly it will go somewhere else. Whoever knows how to „fish“ for opportunities will make a difference.